Specialty Services

Specialty services can be performed alone or in addition to a detail package.

Specialty Services

New Car Prep

Just because a vehicle is brand new, it doesn’t mean that it is perfect. In many cases, new cars need to be machine polished to remove imperfections, to repair the damage done by the dealer's detailers and brush car washes, and to bring the gloss up to its full potential.

New vehicles do not come with protection on the paint, wheels, glass, and interior. Our New Car Prep will keep your new vehicle looking its best for a long time to come.

Odor Removal

Vehicle Odors are No Match for this Technology. Our Ozone treatments can eliminate cigarette smoke, pet smells, fuel smells, perfumes, colognes, musty, spills and more.
Be sure to call if you are about to trade or sell your vehicle. We can help with restoration so that you get a much better price.

Window Tint

Having your windows tinted enhances the look and comfort of your vehicle! At Platinum Auto Detailers we use only the highest quality Window Film from brands such as LLumar and Suntek, all backed by our no hassle, LIFETIME WARRANTY

Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration can be a less expensive alternative to replacing your headlamps. Considering new, or even used, headlights are $200 or more, headlight restoration from a trained professional is definitely a better value. There are also do-it-yourself options but not having the proper tools, equipment, or experience can only increase frustration.

Scratch Removal, Chip Repair

If you take your finger nail and rub it across the scratch, and you do not notice a groove that catches it, you are likely dealing with a candidate for our scratch removal services.

When it comes to rock chips, scratches, and areas of chipped paint that have punctured the clear coat, there are two options – one of which is to have the area re-painted, while the other is to fill in the areas with the manufacturer’s touch up paint. We use exact match OEM paint  for touch-ups of chipped paint.

Rim Repair

Alloy wheel and rim repair helps keep you on the road – and looking good while you are on the road. The repair option is typically much less expensive than replacing your wheels. Or, when a matching replacement can’t be found, alloy rim repair is the only option when rims are hard to find or discontinued. Alloy rim repair is sometimes the only choice and is a more cost-effective option. The repairs are typically undetectable in most situations.

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